Task-Dependent Modulation of Joint Stiffness
presented at Thesis Defense, Montreal, Qc
Interpretation of Non-Parametric Estimates of Time-Varying Systems
presented at ACC 2012, Montreal, Qc
Time-Varying System Identification for Understanding the Control of Human Knee Impedance
presented at SysId 2012, Brussels, Belgium
Joint Impedance Decreases During Movement Initiation
presented at EMBC 2012, San Diego, CA
Task-Relevant Adaptation of Musculoskeletal Impedance During Posture and Movement
presented at ACC 2014, Portland, OR
The Dynamic Effect of Muscle Activation on Knee Stiffness
presented at EMBC 2014, Chicago, IL


Estimation of Time-Varying Knee Impedance
presented at SFN 2011, Washington, D.C.
Estimation of Joint Impedance Using Short Data Segments
presented at EMBC 2011, Boston, MA
Efficient Estimation of Time-Varying Instrinsic and Reflex Stiffness
presented at EMBC 2011, Boston, MA
Knee Stiffness Decreases during Continuous Volitional Movements
presented at SFN 2013, San Diego, CA